War Zone Hague: Survival

War Zone Hague Survival

Do you like narrative gaming? I do. A lot. So for our coming games-and-beer weekender in March I wrote a campaign for our small gaming group. I really enjoyed writing it and I hope it shows. I guess I got a bit carried away and ended up with over 60 pages and 16 000+ words. Yeah, like I said, I really like narrative gaming. We will be playing the final battle of the campaign during the weekender. Five players, 4000 points per side. An alliance of Raven Guard, Dark Angels, Astra Militarum and Tau Empire will face off against the unstoppable Tyranid swarm. I will be playing the Tyranids together with another player. You can expect battle reports and stuff along the way.

The campaign follows the style of Games Workshop’s awesome campaign books like Shield of Baal. A story arc covering the background and battles from the beginning until the end; Echoes of War missions to play out the most important battles. I made seven Echoes of War missions, borrowing heavily from Games Workshop publications. Hopefully I added some flavour as well.


Can the planet of Hague survive Hive Fleet Leviathan?


Download the campaign booklet to find out: War Zone Hague Survival



2 thoughts on “War Zone Hague: Survival

  1. I’ve only opened the file. I am really looking forward to reading this as well as the upcoming battle reports. Put me down for a supporter for Team Tyranids.


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