A year in the Warp

Time travels at a strange pace in the Warp. Moments can last for an eternity while centruries pass at a blink of an eye. 2015 now nears its end and I thought i would be nice to try and sum my blogging adventures up in a post.

2015 was of course the year I got this blog going, on April 19 to be exact. I’ve written about 60 posts, had 10k page hits (amazing!) and more than 150 comments (freaking amazing!) other bloggers and readers. When they say blogging is about community, they aren’t kidding. Thanks everybody for making this so much more fun and rewarding.

I did an couple of articles about Chaos Space Marines called “Death to the False emperor and all those who serve”; I talked about what’s lacking in the current design of the original bad boys of the Galaxy. Since Games Workshop keep on refusing to release a new Chaos Space Marines codex I might continue the article series next year. I looked at the formations of the Tyranids, did some battle reports with tons of fluff and stuff like that. But this blog is mostly about the more hands-on hobby aspects – like converting stuff.

I did a quite ambitious Maulerfiend conversion called the Altwon Pattern Maulerfiend. It’s pretty cool, check it out.


I finished off my Khorgorath Helbrute conversion for DreadTober. Pretty neat too.


I also picked up the Khorne Lord from Age of Sigmar and converted it a bit. Man, did he rock in battle or what!




Looking at the photos … I need to build myself some kind of lightbox to get more consistant quality and colours on the photos. But that’s a project for next year I guess.

Keep on trucking!



13 thoughts on “A year in the Warp

  1. I take a gazillion photos before I settle on ones that look the best. Then I post them and think hmmm not sure haha. Very difficult to get the perfect shot I find. However yours seem to come up very well to my eye. Nice blog mate.

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  2. Nice one dude, been great keeping up with your blog, especially the awesome conversions! Keep on trucking mate, looking forward to seeing what you do next year!


  3. Read “I might continue the article series next year”. YES!!!
    Seriously, this is a pretty great blog, and I’d love if you could continue your “Death to the False Emperor and all those who serve” articles. They’re what brought me here in the first place!
    I’m also loving your battle reports, as well as the Tyranid articles.

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