WIP: Spore Mine Clusters

Spore Mines!

I found some old rubble bases I did ages ago but never used. I glued some spore mines to the bases. The smaller ones are from the old starter box for 4th edition (I suppose, I got them cheap off EBay). The bigger ones are from the Tyrannocyte box.


I’ll run them in the awesome Sporefield formation. Spore mine clusters are great disruptive units especially in the Sporefield formation. Cheap, throw-away and potentially lethal. I just need to scratch-build some Mucolid Spore Mines too. I got an idea on how to do it, I got tons of bits that I want to use. It’ll involve some sculpting. I’ll throw up a post once I get around to doing them. The plan is to keep the conversion simple and easily repeatable.


Hahaha, I’ll try to remember that once I get cracking.


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