I’m still here

Oh my, it’s been awhile. Over a month. Family and work life have been taking its toll and the hobby has been slow lately. I haven’t done much. Started to assemble a brood of Genestealers because my list requires loads of them.

Spine fists – because they look cool.
Warriors, come out and play.
The magnificent seven.
On the right, an old school Genestealer.

Some Tyranids got half painted too, I can’t seem to finish anything. DreadTober really drained me I guess, but man, that was fun. I did a few ruins and buildings together with the kids. Just a few scraps of foamcore, some hot glue and voila! We started to paint them but guess what, they’re not done either.

Just a few details to do; teeth, tongue, eyes and base. Why can’t I get it done?

I’m just a bit uninspired right now. At least when it comes to building and painting stuff.

But what I have been pouring a lot effort into is our campaign leading up to a massive weekender battle. Tyranids versus an alliance between Imperium and Tau. A classic match up but the background and custom missions will hopefully spice things up a bit.

So I’m writting the background and it will be quite a read; 9200 words so far. It will be freaking awesome! I’ll post it once done, which should be around Christmas. The campaign kicks off next year and the big game is in March.

Yeah, if you want to kill time on your ipad – check out Freeblade. It’s a time grinder but pretty sweet and pretty much essential if you you’re planning on building an Imperial Knight but can’t decide on your paint scheme.


6 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. Oh I hate that feeling… I don’t get it often, but it’s a bummer when I do. Mind you, this campaign sounds good – looking forward to reading more!


  2. Writing background to a campaign still counts as hobbying in my book. That’s the beauty of this game, if you get burned out on one thing there’s always another to work on. Painting for me comes in ebbs and flows, as with most of us I imagine. Now, 9,200 words for a campaign background, that’s impressive.

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  3. I’ve been there before- being uninspired to paint or do anything hobby related. Enjoy the break. You’ll get the itch to paint again. Really liking the photos. Good effects.

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