WIP: Helbrute

What?!? No need to adjust you screen. You are correct, another #DreadTober Helbrute coming straight up. With my initial pledge fulfilled (with plenty of time to spare) I found myself caving in to the idea of painting yet another Helbrute. In October.

I’m going for the same overall look on this as on my Khorgorath Helbrute. Pale skin, orange armour, raw metal rims, heavy corrosion and the odd spot colour here and there. At this moment it’s all rough and messy. It looks like this pretty much all the time. That’s just my style and method, I guess. As long as I manage to tie it all up in the end …

As you can see, it’s a long way to go. Will I make it before October ends? I hope so, I hope so …

Hammer time!
The level of detail on this thing is mind boggling.

10 thoughts on “WIP: Helbrute

  1. I really need to buy this kit. What made you choose the thunder hammer? Just curious.

    Good start. I’m liking the skin tones you’re laying down.


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