Chitin and Claw – part 4 Leviathan

Shield of Baal: Leviathan
This book explores the fury of a full-scale invasion of a major Hive Fleet Leviathan tendril. It offers a host of formations for the new units released with campaign book. Check it out!

Hypertoxic Node
The formation consists of a Toxic Hive Tyrant, a Toxicrene and the units of Venomthropes. All models gain the Hypertoxic rule making their poisoned attacks cause Instant Death on a 6+ (Toxicrene on a 5+). They also gain the Miasma of Death rule, their Toxic Miasma can be used repeatedly while within 12″ of the Tyrant (it gets Toxic Miasma for free). Pretty cool formation.


Neural Node

I guess every book needs a formation that falls kind of flat, like this one. You bring three broods of Zoanthrope (each with a Neurothrope) and a Maleceptor. That is a lot of points. The rules you gain are A Monstrous Presences in the Warp and Power of the Hive Mind. The first gives the Maleceptor an 18″ Shadow of the Warp. The second rule allows units within 12″ of the Maleceptor to re-roll 1s when taking a Psychic Test. Not too impressive really.

Skytyrant Swarm
A winged Hive Tyrant and two Gargoyle Broods, all combined into one massive unit. The Tyrant gain +6″ Synapse range due to the Command Node rules. The Monstrous Flock rule allows the Tyrant to Look Out, Sir on a 2+, and the combined unit only yield VP once completely destroyed. Awesome formation and one of the best ways to get a close combat Tyrant into assault.


Skyblight Swarm
This is odd. The Skyblight Swarm formation from Rising Leviathan II: Tyranid Invasion is repeated in this book. Sure, it’s still a great formation but it’s a little lazy. Four Flying Monstrous Creatures and at least 30 Objective Secure and respawning Gargoyles. What’s not to like?

The Sporefield is three Mucolid Spore Clusters and three Spore Mine Clusters. All Clusters gain the Advanced Wave (Infiltrate) and Sporefield (destroyed Clusters respawn on a 4+) rules. This formation just brilliant. Really cheap, deadly and disruptive. Bring it if you have the models. I’m off to scratchbuild some Mucolids.

Another formation of formations, this one is one Skytyrant Swarm, three Skyblight Swarms and a Sporefield. It got the same benefits as the Living Tide. Increased synapse while the Skytyrant lives and re-rolling failed respawning rolls. About 3000 points of awesomeness.


Special feature
Shield of Baal: Deathstorm
The Shield of Baal campaign box focused on the fast paced and deadly close combat in the dying Hive City. Tyranids got Genestealers, a Carnifex and Tyranid Warriors in the box. And to no surprise if you built the units in accordance to the instructions you could field them as a formation.

Phodian Annihilation Swarm
To field this you need The Children of Cryptus, The Beast of Phodia and the Phodian Hive Warriors. Each unit has a set of special rules to begin with and together they get even more rules. Crawl from the Shadows gives all models Stealth (the Children of Cryptus gain Shrouded instead) and Unnatural Intelligence give all models Preferred Enemy while the Spawn of Cryptus (the Genestealer Broodlord) lives. Solid rules but you spend a lot of points building the special units.

I hope you enjoyed the run down of the Tyranids’ formations. They truly open up the ways you can field your Tyranid Swarm.


7 thoughts on “Chitin and Claw – part 4 Leviathan

  1. I enjoyed the Leviathan story. Was an enjoyable read and both hardbacks were great as well as the box set. I am a sucker for that sort of thing.

    I wish the nueral node was better. I feel like it failed because the Maly is overpriced or underpowered for what it is. I understand its 700pts base but if that big psychic beastie was good then the whole thing might have been a bundle of fun to use, even if it might not be too competitive. Shadow of the Warp sooo needs a fix though.

    Sporefield is a bit of fun as well but have not used it much, but the rules are obviously good.

    Dont have the book with me here but from memory the Children of Cryptus Broodlord is a character model and can be your warlord. Giving his unit PE. Genestealers with PE is nice, so is a Broodlord with that. There are issues buuuuuuuut the warlord traits a fairly subpar in the nid book and the leviathan ones are only a little better. Might be worth adding them to the above, or taking a look at it, for those who arent aware.


    1. I found it really enjoyable, both Rising Leviathan and Shield of Baal. The Extreminatus book was the weakest of them, but still a good read.

      Yeah, the Neural Node is full of faults, starting with the Maleceptor (I so want it to be good, it looks awesome), the size of the Zoanthrope broods and finally the lack of proper benifits. Just compare this formation with the Space Marine Librarian Conclave. They are on slightly different levels of Power. And the Shadow of the Warp is really a big disappointment at the moment. It should give something like “enemy psykers suffer a perils of the warp on any doubles not just sixes”.

      The Broodlord is a character in the codex aswell so you can always make it your warlord.

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      1. Yeah, At least the Toxi is good I guess? I built that and fairly happy with the results on the table. 4+ armor save for these new MCs is worrying as a nid player… Guess we will see what the future holds for Nids. Would be good to have a working shadow in the warp, warriors etc etc. List goes on. At least they are a fun army to play

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      2. The Toxicrene got shrouded and that helps. Ignore cover is problematic but not all armies got that. I kind of like that we see more differentiation of armour saves, everything can’t bring 3+. It makes more weapon types more viable. The Toxicrene is slow, I think that is more of a problem.

        Yeah, there is a lot of things that can be improved. But I agree that it is a fun army.

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  2. A friend is starting Blood Angels so we are going to do some of the Deathstorm scenarios. We’re looking forward to the games.


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