WIP: Khorgorath Helbrute Conversion part 6

I decided to sign up for the blog event DreadTober in order to help myself get this project done. Check out the site, for awesome Dreadnoughts, Helbrute and other walkers of all shapes and sizes. The event is simply paint a Dread in October. No competition, no awards. Just painting and sharing your work. Big thumbs up for getting this event going.

So eleven days into the month I realized that my Helbrute still refused to paint itself. I picked up my brush and started working on it. It’s poor quality photos of an unfinished paint job. At least, it’s progression.

You can’t really tell due to the lack of proper lighting but the skin got four layers done already.
Skulls. Wouldn’t be GW without them.
I’m still quite pleased with the conversion.

Slowly, it’s getting there. I’ve got a good feeling about this one.



5 thoughts on “WIP: Khorgorath Helbrute Conversion part 6

  1. Once you get the skin done on this guy then the rest will fly. So, while progress may be slow at least you’ve got the largest work area in progress. Looking forward to more updates.

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