Chitin and Claw – part 2 Invasion

Rising Leviathan II – Tyranid Invasion
In this book the full force of the Leviathan tendril has reached the planet. The Vanguard organisms have paved way for a full scale invasion. Endless numbers of gaunts herd the enemy into dense population centers. The end is nigh.

Incubator Node
The formation consists of a Tervigon and three units of Termagants. So still 30 gants needed to unlock the Tervigon but at least not in one big squad. The Tervigon gains the Hyper-progenitive rule which forces it to re-roll 1s when spawning gants. Not that good at all. I read some where that risk of running dry actually increases with the re-roll.


Synaptic Swarm
If you use Tyranid Warriors to control you swarm, this formation is solid. You take a Tyranid Prime and three broods of Warriors. All units gain the Synaptic Conduits rule increasing their synaptic range to 18″. Too bad that the formations doesn’t do anything to mitigate the liabilty to Instant Death that the Warriors have. Oh well, Tyranid Warriors at least look awesome.


Skyblight Swarm
This formation was picked up by a lot of tournament players early on and it is easy to see why (it unlocked yet another winged Tyrant and had the first Objective Secure units in the game). It’s a big formation with a flying Hive Tyrant, a Hive Crone, two Harpies and three units of Gargoyles. The Gargoyles gain Objective Secure and the Skyswarm rule allow destroyed Gargoyle unit to respawn on a 4+. Solid and fluffy formation.

Living Artillery Node
This is yet another “competitive” choice. You bring a Exocrine, three Biovores and a unit of Warriors and gain the Organic Bombardment rule. Your blasts and barrages are now Pinning and if the Biovores or Exocrine are within 12″ of the Warriors they get to re-roll the scatter dice. Yeah, it is a very good formation as it gives Tyranid armies better long range firepower.

Endless Swarm
This is what a Tyranid invasion is all about, hordes and hordes of Gaunts without numbers that just keep on coming. The Endless Swarm is made up of three units of Hormagaunts, three units of Termagant and a unit of Warriors. The Gaunts gain the Endless Swarm rule allowing them to respawn on a 4+ after being destroyed. Combine this formation with a couple of Trygons and your respawned units can enter via the tunnels. I really like everything about this formation bar the sheer numbers of Gaunts needed to be painted. The horror, the horror.


The formations are all full of character and pretty solid rules (maybe not the Incubator Node). If you haven’t read the Rising Leviathan Dataslates, I can really recommend them.


6 thoughts on “Chitin and Claw – part 2 Invasion

  1. The first one, can you choose to reroll ones? Does it say “May Re Roll 1s” ? As that could actually do the opposite of forcing you to snuff out. If you roll tripple / double ones, throwing one or two dice again may help out. As someone who rolls ones a lot, Id almost prefer to have the option of a reroll on ones than not.


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