Things that go bump in the night

Ok. I need to step back from my Chaos Space Marines for a while. Don’t worry, they are still my main army and the faction I’m most heavily bound to. But I just can’t muster up any real energy to work on them at the moment. The Khogorath Helbrute is still unpainted and continues to give me demanding looks.

Thankfully, this is a hobby and not a job.

So I decided to do some work on my Vanguard Tyranid force. The list I’m working on at the moment is Genestealer heavy. I love Genestealers, I guess their Aliens vibe is a big part of that. There is just something about super fast, deadly monster lurking in the dark. Too bad they are a bit overcosted and underwhelming. Oh well, one can’t have it all I guess.

I’m going to use both the Broodlord hunting pack formation and the Manufactorum Genestealers formation. Every single unit in the list either infiltrates or deep strikes. It will be a blast to play. I hope. I’ll get back to the list later on.

I did some work on a couple of Broodlords from the Death Storm set. Brilliant model and loads of fun to work with. The first one is pretty much straight out of the box. I removed the spore stack thing it was standing on and added some ruins instead.

Group hugs!!!

The second one is, as you can see, still in heavy WIP. I decided to use 50 mm bases because I didn’t like the oval one. I play with a casual crew so that will be no problems. I can’t really see anyone complain about it.

The Broodlord formerly known as Mr Fred Astaire.

14 thoughts on “Things that go bump in the night

  1. Genestealers are pretty much the only infantry model I really like the looks of. All the monstrous creatures are cool but most of the infantry doesn’t really appeal to me, barring Genestealers. I also like their approach and so I can’t blame you at all for going heavy on them.

    The conversion on that second one is cool. It’s a nice dynamic pose.


    1. I really like Tyranid Warriors too. (Yeah, I managed to pinpoint two truely underachieving units.) The gaunts are ok, I guess they shine when taken in massive numbers. The whole ocean of chitin is visually appealing (but something of a hobby nightmare).

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      1. Warriors are alright. I don’t dislike the way they look. The Gaunts are meh but they’re fodder and can’t really expect amazing visual appeal either.

        I have an Ork army so I’ve done the massing amounts of painting once and I’m good. No way I’d start another horde army. Once is enough for me. I have no interest in Tyranids but I’d definitely do a Nidzilla style list if I ever did.


  2. I’ve always admired Nids from afar. They very much remind me of the movies. Something stops me from buying them though and I’m not sure what? Maybe one day. I really like the Group Hugs guy haha. He looks deadly. I think I’d need several commissars were imperial guardsman to make sure he remains stoic in the face of this monster hehe. I look forward to seeing more.


      1. The Broodlord is massive and rightfully feared. A great 60 pts squad champion.

        I had loads and loads of Genestealers from Space Hulk (1st and 4th editions), so it not that expensive to build the army. Warriors are cheap on EBay, most elements of the army are traded for. Only thing I bought at full price is a Tyrannofex.

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    1. I’ll be painting my nids in the Hive Fleet Leviathan colours. This will be the first time I don’t go DIY.

      I liked several of the new boxes. The Venomthropes are awesome. The brain bug – Maleceptor – is my favorite one. Too bad that the rules doesn’t really do it justice.

      I’m going to use a couple of Tyrannocytes in my list. Dropping in a Tyrannofex will be. fun


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