WIP: Khorgorath Helbrute Conversion part 4

Long time and no hobby time.

Well I finally got some work on the Helbrute. It’s slowly getting there. Actually I just need to work on the legs (and some details all over).


I made some additional work on the Lascannon.
Rough armour plating on the legs. I’m going for a twisted and corrupted look. I think it will look decent when painted.
I did some work to make a better transition between the body and the arm. I also prepared the hip for the legs by adding some Plasticard and then I attached it to the body.
Front armour. Very rough and corroded. I might have to go over it again once it cures.


11 thoughts on “WIP: Khorgorath Helbrute Conversion part 4

  1. Looking good. Its very much its own entity now and although it looses a lot of the vibe of the original model it’s all the stronger for that. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

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    1. Thanks. I’m glad you dig it. I too have realized that at this point it isn’t really much left of the original model. The legs continue to pose a challenge as they are … well, ugly.


  2. Nice work Thomas. As a “new” player and novice when it comes to build and paint miniatures I know where to turn for advice. I have alot of work ahead of me 😉

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