WIP: Khorgorath Helbrute Conversion part 2

I got some work done on the Helbrute conversion. So not just talking this time, but some actual progression too. First of all, I cut the model into smaller pieces. The project has passed the point of no return.


After cutting it up I just glued the individual pieces together. I also dug out the Twin-Linked Lascannon and some other useful bits aswell. With the model broken down into legs, arms, torso and hip the sculpting could begin.



I started with the front by adding the face and after that I made the sarcophagus. I used a part from the Power Fist on the right arm to make it. Some Green Stuff as well, as you can see.



It really starting to look like a Helbrute. It sure didn’t take much. Still need to add more layers of Green Stuff around the head and the sarcophagus. I will be adding some wires and tentacles and stuff like that before moving on to the armour plating on the sides of the front.


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