The Scouring of Kurigath – The Battle Report

Gul Valon, the Butcher of Kurigath, stood alone amidst the burning desolation of the battlefield. His arcane Terminator armour was covered in blood and gore. The howling blood rage of the bound Greater Daemon within his axe slowly calmed down. It had served him well this time too. Only death surrounded him.

He started collecting the skulls of the fallen reciting the incantations of the Blood God. One of the Chaos Cultists that had followed him to war; that had walked beside him on the field; that had fallen to bullets meant for him; laid on the ground before Gul Valon’s feet. Severely wounded but not dead, not yet anyway.

“Mercy!” the Cultist cried as Gul Valon grabbed hold of his head. Mercy? There was no mercy to be found in the darkness of mighty Khorne Lord’s soul. He did not even grace the fool with a look. The head was ripped off and thrown to the rest.

The robed Sorcerer Supreme of the Lords of Ascension, the great Ras Al Rah, came towards to Gul Valon from across the field. So he had survived too. The was no love between Ras Al Rah and Gul Valon. The Khorne Lord detested all forms of socrery but still, the Sorcerer was not without virtue. He could handle himself.

“Your God must be pleased,” said Ras Al Rah, looking at pile of skulls next to the Butcher and those not yet collected.
“Yes, Khorne is pleased,” answered Gul Valon, “the blood flows.”

*** *** ***

Astra Militarum vs Chaos Space Marines
1850 points
Mission: Tactical Escalation
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

Oh my, this was a blood bath. Check out my list. My brother brought this. (I didn’t list all options but you get the idea.) A very eclectic and experimental list.

Primaris Psyker
Mastery Level 2 Warlord]
Company Command Squad
Chimera, The Deathmask of Ollanius, Power Sword
Battle Tank and Pask Punisher

Militarum Tempestus Scions
Meltagun, Plasma Gun, Power Fist

Infantry Platoon
Heavy Weapons Squad
3 Lascannons
2 Infantry Squads blob
Commissar, Flamers, Power Swords
Platoon Command Squad
Heavy Flamer, Power Fist
Special Weapons Squad Demolition Charge, 2 Meltaguns
2 Plasma Guns




The objective markers were placed pretty much all over the place; one on the left, two on the right, and three in the middle. Astra Militarum won the roll off and deployed first. His lascannon teams took the high ground (and an objective), the Wyvern hid in the back. His glory boy prepared to deep strike and the demolition charge squad embarked on the Valkyrie. The rest just formed up around the 24″ line, the Leman Russes on his left, blob on the right. The rest in the middle. Aggressive, much more aggressive than I had expected.


I left my obliterator in Deep Strike reserves together with the Mayhem pack. The fortification was placed in the back holding an objective. The rest set up along the 24″ line, from my left; bikes and Sorcerer, Khorne marines in Rhino, the two Maulerfiends, Cultist blob and Lord and Nurgle hugging the board edge. I tried to seize but failed.


Turn one
The guard blob moves up, so does most everything else too. Shooting is quite good. The Nurgle rhino gets wrecked for first blood. Ten or so Cultist dies and one of the fiends takes a Hp. He scores his tactical.


The Nurgle marines feared the battle tank in front of them and went for cover. The cultist pushed forward closing the gap to the enemy. One of the Maulerfiends charged and wiped the Bullgryns, that went too good. Dang! The other failed its charge. Both are left in the open. The bikers charged the enfeebled guard blob but the champion gets toasted by overwatch. I win the combat but the Commissar holds them in check. I scored my objective.




Turn two
The Tempestus deep striked to take one of the objective in the middle of the board and the Valkyrie moved up the middle. The rest shuffled around the center. My Nurgle marines got destroyed as they had forgotten to activate their power armour yet again. The Cultist continued to die as expected. Both Maulerfiends exploded to massed fire power. The Commissar executed some poor sod and held the blob in combat. Both objectives scored.


With both my Maulerfiends gone I was desperate to get my reserves in. I did! The obliterator materialize within 6″ of the Wyvern and destroys it. I placed a the Reaper Helbrute in the Guard’s backfield. The close combat one in the center but the multi-melta one mishap and got lost in the warp. Ouch! I moved my rhino about and the cultist continued to move forward. The grinding combat against the blob carried on, I won every round but the Commissar was golden. Even though I score my objectives I can’t catch up.


Turn three
The special weapons squad drop chut in and the Valkyrie left the table. The helbrute in the center got destroyed and the one in the backfield immobilized. Pask immobilized himself on the ruins. The Company Command Squad reinforced the tarpit against the bikes. I couldn’t break free of the combat.



My Lord and the ten or so Cultists still standing managed to get into charge range. The Rhino snuck into Dirge Caster range. No plasma overwatch for the vets. The remaining helbrute put a hp on a Chimera and the Obliterator missed. In the assault phase the Lord got the charge off. Eight attacks, seven hits, seven wounds. The vets and the warlord psyker got wiped. Blood to the Blood God. The never-ending combat with the blob continued but the Astra Militarum had no numbers left.


Turn four
The game had started really started to pick up pace with few models left on the table. Pask turned his attention to the Cultist and Lord. The punisher killed the twelve Cultist remaining leaving Gul Valon alone to face its Multi-Meltas. They hit, wound but I made the 5++. The Valkyrie, the Chimeras and just about everything else poured into the Lord. But he made his 2+ saves like a boss. Everchosen of Khorne indeed. The Khorne marines were not so blessed. They got hit by the demo charge and only the champ survived. The Scions tried to destroy their Rhino but failed. The Sorcerer and Bikers finally destroyed the Guardsmen.



With the bikes out of combat the game was now in my hand. The three remaining Nurgle bikers targeted a Chimera putting two hp on it while the Sorcerer broke off and targeted the lascannon teams with the Burning Brand. The Obliterator put a hp on the flyer. One team burned and the other fleed. The Mighty Khorne Lord pointed at Pask and rushed in, making his 6″ charge. Eight attacks with enough pens and glances to destroy both Pask and friend. Filled with unbound fury the Khorne champ charged the Special weapons squad, killing twice, dying once. The game was tied at this point.


Turn five
The Scions shot at the Nurgle Bikers killing one. The rest broke and ran away. Lascannons regrouped, shot at the Lord. He took his cover save. The Valkyrie leaves again. The Special weapons squad destroyed the last Rhino and claimed an objective, pulling ahead once more.


I moved the obliterator up the ruin to engage the lascannons, it charged in but wiffed. The Sorcerer charged the Scions. The bikers regrouped and destoyed the Chimera with their Melta Guns. I managed to score a few objectives. Its close in points but if it continue I’d definitely win. The game continued.


Turn six
The Special Weapons Squad (all stars of Astra Militarum) killed a biker. The Valkyrie came back on and tries to put wounds on the Lord but fails. The lascannon teams survive.


The obliterator destroys a team, the last one ran away and the obliterator consolidated onto the objective in the ruins, scoring it twice. The helbrute got fire frenzy and shot four twin linked reaper shots at the rear of the flyer downing it. Objective scored. Stuff moved around scoring even more objectives. I now had a five point lead.


Turn seven
Well, the game continued but there was no point in going on. Major victory for the Lords of Ascension! I had five units (and five models left), the Astra Militarum had about the same number of models left.


When I looked at my list I noticed that I had a fortification in it. I totally forgot about it during the game. I shot it once I think. I will not bring it again. I rather have a squad of Cultists, a Mutilator or something hiding in the back.

It was a massively fun game. It could have gone both ways really. And I am very pleased with my Lord. 2+ armour and 2+ Look out sir is great, especially with the Cultist blob. Sure a bit on slow side but the blob gives board controll and making it hard for the enemy to outmanoeuvre him.

I’m definitely giving him another go.


11 thoughts on “The Scouring of Kurigath – The Battle Report

    1. No problem. Writing battle reports is a great way analyzing the game and hopefully improving ones game. I’m happy you enjoyed reading it.

      The Lord was truely in boss mode. He only did stuff of importance for two turns but he got quite a lot done during those two turns.


  1. Nice write-up dude, thanks for sharing, sounds like a cracking game! Good job the Lord made his 5++ against that multi-melta, sounds like it could’ve gone either way at that point!


    1. I was lucky on that roll. I made too many Look out Sir against the punisher cannon, leaving the Lord alone against the stronger guns. It was a big mistake. I should have tanked a few against my 2+ so that I could Look out Sir later on.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the sweet write-up! I’d try keeping the Fortification through – it’s fantastic when you actually remember to use it 🙂
    It can hold objectives right?
    What kind of powers did the psyker use?


    1. Yeah it scores and that’s great but I don’t know. Maybe not for me. It looks great as terrain piece thou.

      I ran Biomancy – Smite, Enfeeble, Warp Speed and Endurance. Pretty good mix.


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