Paint job: AoS Khorne Lord Conversion


Chaos Lord Gul Valon
The Butcher of Kurigath
The Everchosen of Khorne
Lords of Ascension Chaos Space Marines.

They came to usher the Traitor King to power, to see him sit at the head of the Court of Tatters. They came for tithes of flesh and souls. There was no shared fate between the Traitor King and the Lords of Ascension. They came only to leave. But many of the Chaos Space Marines remained on Kurigath long after the Imperial Governor had been strung upside down with barb wire and Imperial rule overthrown.

Kurigath had become a nightmarish theatre of dark possibilities for the ambitious and the opportune, for men like Gul Valon. The Astra Militarum had laid siege to the planet and plunged it back into war. Within this vortex of terror and mayhem that the war had created Gul Valon found his path to ascension.

By martial prowness and tactical acumen he proved himself time and time again on the battlefield. He was the blessed son of the Blood God, known by the Astra Militarum simply as the Butcher of Kurigath. By every victory, by every infamous deed the power of Gul Valon grew. And as the siege carried into its second year Gul Valon had out-manoeuvred or killed all rivals and took command as Overlord of the Lords of Ascension contingent on Kurigath.

*** *** ***

My Age of Sigmar Khorne Lord conversion is done. After a week of micro-hobby sessions I finally put the brush down and called it. It looks ok. I’m not aspiring for a Golden Daemon or anything. I just want to play with cool looking plastic soldiers.


Casually collecting skulls for the Skull Throne.
The butcher and his wicked axe.
I tried to tie the base and model together with dried out rust puddles.
He’s the boss. But can he perform on the actual battlefield?
The combi-bolter might be rusty but it still kills a guardman dead.
Maybe not super crisp but I like the red.
Weird mutated claw arm? Check!
That’s it. Eight pictures does it, because you know … Khorne!



18 thoughts on “Paint job: AoS Khorne Lord Conversion

  1. “It looks ok”… That’s some humility!
    It’s absolutely fantastic! I’d be proud to have a HQ like that wrecking face you know, and although he won’t be winning a Golden Daemon he would easily be in the top 5 at my FLGS.
    I like the model too – although I’d never really play a Lord without some kind of extra movement options on the tabletop. I hope he does well!


    1. Thanks mate!

      I struggle to fit him in my list. I prefer faster lords too. He’s cheap enough to be used as a throwaway deep striker or maybe I’ll put in a huge block of cultist and have walk up like a looming threat.


  2. I like the fluff piece. Very well written and having fluff for models is one of my favorite things to do.

    Great work on the model as well. Nice choice of colors and I like the style. It’s a great piece to lead a warband.


    1. Forge a Narrative ftw!

      I’m quite fond of where my painting has taken me regarding both skill and choice of colours. My palette has evolved alot over the years, from a much cleaner and brighter look to this very muted one.


    1. Thanks.

      It should be no problem getting everything on a 60mm base (it came with one). I put mine on a 40mm base. Squeezing the dog onto the 40mm base could be difficult but I think it’s doable.


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