The Scouring of Kurigath

The air was filled with ash and ember. It reeked of decay and burning flesh. Smoke from the ravage fires that roared through the ruined city had blackend the sky for weeks if not months. The two years that the siege had lasted felt more like an eternity for those still fighting among the million of already dead.

The continuous rain had turned the ground into horrifying mixture of blood, mud and death. The dead and the dying littered the streets. Followers of the Traitor King and Guardsmen of the Astra Militarum, one layed next to the other. Bodies thorn beyond recognition.


The 74th Cadian Defense Regiment had been tasked with the capture of the western Sector Manufactorum. Punching through the outer defenses had been no small feat but all enemies crumble before the indomitable might of the Astra Militarum. So did the heretics on this planet. Despite the momentum gained by the breakthrough their offensive came to a grinding halt.

The fury of the counter-assault had caught the Guard by surprise but not so much as when the clatter of autoguns died off only to be replaced by ominous sound of Astartes Bolters. Facing off against the ragtag militia of the Traitor King had been one thing; the prospect of fighting Chaos Space Marines was something completely different.


The 74th fell back, dug in and called in artillery support. The thunderous shelling of the Earthshaker Cannons seemed to never end. Barrage after barrage pounded into the fortified enemy positions. For hours on end the bombardment continued. Yet the enemy showed no sign of yielding their ground.


In the ruins across the square Sentinels spotted giant men clad in twisted ochre coloured Power Armour with spiked skull insignia – the enemy was Lords of Ascension Chaos Space Marines. From the shadows beyond a hulking Daemon Engine stormed forward and crashed into the Sentinal squadron, destroying them completly before disappearing again. At the same time squads of Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Cultists were systematically encircling and destroying forward elements of the 74th. Utter destruction and doom grew ever closer.

The metallic voices coming out of the Vox-Caster cut through the larming noice that encompassed the warzone. Lieutenant Tammany wasn’t able to act, his orders were ignored while the enemy advanced. Tammany had frozen. Unable to act on the order to push forward coming through the communications system he just repeated “No, no, no.” over and over again. Ringing in his head was the infernal cacophony of war, eradicating every trace of duty and honour from his consciousness. He just coward down into the false safety of his fox hole.


Commissar Arben wasted no time terminating both Tammany and his command. Their orders would be excuted to the letter, regardless of the cost. “Death or glory, boys!” yelled the Commissar, hurling himself up over the trench and onto the killing ground ahead. “For Cadia and the God-Emperor!” answered the men of the first platoon, joining him to the slaughter.

Massed bolter fire cut many of them down in an instant. But the numbers of the Astra Militarum are all but endless. Where one fell, another took his place. Fresh meat was feed to the grinder. And fresh blood flooded the streets.

It was hell.

It was Kurigath.

*** *** ***

I wrote some background fluff for an upcoming battle against my brother and his Astra Militarum. As always I’ll bring my Chaos Space Marines. I will knock out a list during the weekend.


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