WIP: Khorne Lord part 2

I’ve put the Khorne Lord together. I only did very small converting and sculpting on this model as it looks great directly from sprue. Some armour was added on the back, to give the model a little more terminator bulk. Together with the Combi-Bolter it really looks the part.

I also needed to re-position the gun arm (and cut off the chain leash) but that was pretty much it. Simple enough. Now some (lazy) pictures.


Drilled gun barrels. Check! Awesome, let’s go kill stuff dead.


The repositioning of the arm looks good enough. The fancy Combi-Bolter suits the model.



I think this slight addition at the back helps changing the feel of the model.


The green stuff looks a bit sloppy at the moment but a bit of sanding will do wonders. If not paint and standing a meter away will help.


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