WIP: Khorne Lord part 1

I picked up the awesome Khorne Lord from the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar starter box. I had some luck in the online auction and manage to get it for half the price of the new Dark Angel Interrogator Chaplain. Not a bad buy considering it’s both a kick-ass Khorne Lord and a plastic Flesh Hound.

The level of detail on this model is just stunning. The armour, weapons, face and mutations are all crisp and really cool. The pose is dynamic and it looks like the parts fit like a charm (I’ve only dry-fitted yet but it’s looking great). I think that Games Workshop once more proved why they are number one.

What disturbs the impression of the model as a whole is the size of it. It’s just huge. A head taller than the Chaos Lord from Dark Vengeance and easily both head and shoulders taller than an old plastic Chaos Space Marine. It’s even bigger than a terminator.

Oh man, that poor old Chaos Space Marine on the right is so small. A new kit would be most welcome. The Khorne Lord is not glued or anything, I just dry-fitted the pieces.

The model is way too big for a 25 mm base, I haven’t got any 32 mm bases but I think it’ll look nice on one of those. 40 mm looks great but since power armoured Lords aren’t on 40 mm bases I’m reluctant to use that base size. But given the size of the model I think 40 mm is the best base size. Should I mount it on a 40 mm base regardless?

So what will I do with the model? First of all, I will not waste the Flesh Hound by using it as a combat familiar.

Option 1: Power Armour or Count-as Kharn
If I do this I’ll want to I add a Plasma Pistol in the left hand. Not because Plasma Pistols are great or anything but this will allow me to field the Lord as a count as Kharn model. Having the right pistol is important. I also need to add a backpack, either one from one of the Chosen from Dark Vengeance or an ancient one from the Chaos Space Marines in the old Space Crusade game.

The Khorne Lord is huge. Fielding it as a Terminator Lord will not feel out of place at all.

Option 2: Terminator Armour
The model got the height and bulk for a Lord in Terminator Armour. The armour itself looks arcane and warped so the model pretty much looks the part already. It just needs a Combi-Weapon and it is done. Of course by going down this road I will solve the base size problem.

The more I fiddle around with the model the more convinced I get that it’s too big for Power Armour. So Terminator Armour it is. I think I’ll keep it real simple with just a combi-bolter. I got one lying around from the Chaos Terminator Lord box.

Awesome level of detail (without being too busy) on this model. Combi-Bolter not included.

Chaos Lord
Terminator Armour, Power Axe, Combi-Bolter, Gift of Mutation, Mark of Khorne

Cheap and really simple, only 125 points. It packs a decent punch and got good survivability against weaker units. I could always add some killing power by swapping out the Power Axe for the Axe of Blind Fury. Still cheap at only 150 points but a now a major threat.

4 thoughts on “WIP: Khorne Lord part 1

    1. It’ll be fun to work on it. I enjoyed myself just messing around like I did today. It actually looks to be paint friendly, which is a good thing.

      I will try to get my hands on the big Khorne beast thing from the starter box. I think you could make a cool Helbrute out of it.


  1. I think the Termi armour is a good idea. Or the Crimson Slaughter daemonheart relic maybe?

    Not going to use Khorne Daemonkin?

    But jeez hes bigger than I thought. What will you do with his pet?

    If you go down the Count-as kharn, plasma pistol in the Dark Angel upgrade sprue is good, its marked with Skulls, so with the right paint job will look chaosy, and it also looks archaic.


    1. Daemonheart could work, absolutely. I still haven’t tried Khorne Daemonkin (I don’t have enough models for it, to run the list I want I need to buy too much new stuff) but I can see a place for him in a Daemonkin list.

      Not sure what to do with the Flesh Hound. Maybe a experiment with a push mould and try to make more. Not sure yet.

      If I would make Kharn than I would use the Plasma Pistol from the Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord. I already cut it off. But thanks for the tip!


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