Meet the Kytan!

Oh my, Forge World shows us their latest release today – the most impressive Kytan Daemon Engine of Khorne. Yes, the Lord of Skulls Knight Titan is finally out. As we’ve seen before the model looks ace.




The rules look solid too. 525 points. WS 5. Armour 13/13/11. I5. A4. HP6. Daemon. Daemonforge. Rage. Fleet. Crusader. It will not die. Super heavy walker. Heavy 8 S8 AP3 gatling cannon. If it destoys its target with the cannon it get to charge another unit with it Destroyer Clever. Check out the Kytan and its rules.

It has a good point level, unlike its tracked cousin who remain unused as it clocks in around 1000 points. 525 points is a big chunk of your army but it is doable. You can use it with Chaos Space Marines, Khorne Daemonkin and Chaos Daemons.

The full kit is £90. I wish I could say that I’m getting this kit but odds are that I’m not. But one can dream …


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