The Blood Dawn, the Battle Report

Chaos Space Marines vs Tau
1250 points
Mission: Purge the Alien
Deployment: Dawn of War


The Chaos Space Marines list can be found here. The Tau brought something like this:
Cadre Fireblade,
11 Fire Warriors with Devilfish
2 * 6 Fire Warriors
10 Kroot with sniper rifles
2 * 5 Pathfinders
2 Crisis suits with Missiles
2 Crisis suits with Melta
1 Riptide with Ion Cannon
3 Piranhas with Melta

Chaos Space Marines won the roll off, deployed first and elected to go first. Tau attempted to Seize the Initiative hoping that the +1 warlord trait would pay off. It didn’t and the Chaos Space Marines began to move up.

20150701_190003  20150701_185931 20150701_185903 20150701_185852

With everything but the bikes on the 12″ line the Chaos deployment was fairly obvious. The strategy was built around reaching the Tau lines quickly. The Nurgle bikes and Sorcerer was hidden in case of a seize. The tanks and one of the Maulerfiend set up on the left flank while the Lord joined the 30 Cultists in the center and the last Maulerfiend took the right flank.

20150701_192116 20150701_191954 20150701_191935 20150701_191926 20150701_191920 20150701_191319

The Tau counter-deployed with the Piranhas on their right flank, Riptide on left and most of the Fire Warriors pretty much in the middle. The Kroot infiltrated to one of the ruins in the center of the pitch, hoping to get snipe out the Chaos warlord from the Cultist mob. Melta Crisis team was held in reserves.

Turn 1
The Maulerfiend on the right flank rounded the containers and set itself up for a 8″ charge on the Kroot infiltators and made the charge. The combat was pretty non-eventful and the units remained locked in combat.


20150701_194349 20150701_193221

The rest of the army moved forward. The Vindicator got into a good firing postion and fired it’s Demolisher Cannon at the Piranhas. The blast hit two of them and it also caught three Fire Warriors from the Fireblades big unit. Everything pasted its cover or jink save.

The moved the jinked Piranhas to face off the Maulerfiend on the left. But they missed all their Melta shots. The detached drones was placed between the Fiend and the skimmers. On the other flank the Riptide move up and fired at the Lord and Cultists so did alot of other units too. Ten or so died.

20150701_201056 20150701_201048 20150701_200959

A group of Fire Warriors elected to forgo shooting and instead attempted to charge the Maulerfiend fighting the Kroot. It was a 11″ charge. They made it. Their EMP-grenades took two hull points but the Maulerfiend killed three. The Kroot failed their morale check and got swept for First Blood. But the brave Fire Warriors hung in there.

Turn 2
The Sorcerer and bikers moved up behind the Maulerfiend and cast Enfeeble on the drones. With the drones all too tightly placed the sorcerer managed to catch them all under the Burning Brand of Skalanthrax. The weakened drones were all destroyed opening up a path for the Maulerfiend to assault the Piranhas. It did and destroyed them all. The Tau right flank had collapsed.

20150701_210643 20150701_210634  20150701_204839

To compensate for the success on the left flank the Lord and Chaos Cultists managed to move 1″ in the movement phase and run another 2″. The other Maulerfiend got glanced out by the Fire Warriors. Well played, they removed a great threat.

Heroes of the Tau Empire!

The Tau continued to hammer at the Lord, removing another ten of his bodybags. At this rate they would bring him down before he reached their lines. The Riptide advanced to the containers and set himself for another round of shooting. The crisis suits remained in reserves.



Turn 3
On the Chaos Space Marines’ left flank everything moved forward. The Sorcerer got Enfeeble off and the Cadre Fireblade and his Fire Warriors was down to Toughness 2. All but two was consumed by the flames from Kharn’s fabled flamethrower. The Maulerfiend charged in killing them both and the Tau Warlord was slained.


The Riptide had positioned itself too close to Chaos Lord. After a 5″ move the Lord could be slingshot into combat. The Riptide’s overwatch failed and 6″ charge was successful. The Lord got a eight attacks doing three wounds, the Riptide only two. It broke and got caught in the Sweeping Advance.



The Crisis team arrived from reserves and destroyed the last Maulerfiend. The Rhino was glanced out by Fire Warriors and the Lord’s retinue was cut down even more.

Turn 4
The Lord took his four remaining Cultist a hid behind the containers in order not to give up any Victory Points. The rest on the army tried to destroy the Crisis team but failed. In turn they took a Hull Point off the Vindicator and made a run for Linebreaker. The rest of Tau took potshots at whatever target they had without doing any real damage.

Turn 5
After destroying the melta Crisis team the Tau no-longer had any way catching up. It was over and the Tau had lost. So we decided to end the game.

Chaos Space Marines victory!

Final score: 8-3

Post game thoughts:
It was a really fun game with a lot of great 40k moments. The Fire Warriors charging and wrecking the Maulerfiend is just epic. The Cultist took 27 casualties but got the job done, they kept the Lord safe and got him into combat. Well done minions, well done.

The combination of the Burning Brand and Enfeeble is just brutal. The damage output from the artifact, which normally is kind of decent at best, is cranked up to eleven. Insanely good.


3 thoughts on “The Blood Dawn, the Battle Report

  1. Congrats! That sounded fun, and it was a nice read too 🙂
    What happened to the pathfinders? I can see them in the list, but Markerlights and Pathfinders seem to be entirely absent from the battle. Did he deploy them badly, or did you keep them from any effective targets?
    I’d be interested in whatever method you used to make them irrelevant


    1. Yeah, it was a great game. I love playing lower point level games.

      The Pathfinders were positioned on the Tau left flank. Once my Maulerfiend got destroyed by EMP Fire Warriors I didn’t have any means of killing them. They mostly marked the blob and helped to whittle its numbers. But I had taken enough cultists to deal with the increased damage output. I think they marked the second Maulerfiend and helped destroy it too.

      They are always useful for Tau and my opponent played them really safe and cautious.


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