The Blood Dawn

For thousands of years Farak had been the main Agri-World of Agrellan or Mu’gulath Bay as the Tau called their prized colony. When Mu’gulath Bay fell, so did Farak. The stragical importance of the Argi-World was obvious; without the tihtes from Farak, starvation follows on the mighty Hive World.

But unknown to the Tau colonizers, hidden deep beneath the rich soil, laid the heretical practices of arcane Blood Cults. With the iron rule of the Imperium of Man gone, the Blood practices returned.


*** *** ***

The hexagramic wards of concealment on the anonymous freight vessel had let it slip past the orbital defense systems of Farak undetected. To the advanced Tau technologies the ship simply wasn’t there. Only as the vessel crashed into the harvest moon’s atmosphere did the sorcerous energies subside and the veil lift. But by then, it was too late.

As the ship’s massive warp engines set the stratosphere ablaze the space craft was ripped apart in its catastrophic decent. Chaos Thunderhawks, Dread Claws and Heldrakes soured from the inferno in the sky. The Lords of Ascension had arrived to claim blood vengeance for the Tau’s betrayal on Mons Falco.


The Tau realized that they would not be able to stop the Chaos Space Marines making planetfall.  Instead they immediately began to fortify their defensive positions around the Space Port of Farak. It was here the Battle of the Harvest Moon would take place. The Tau waited patiently for inevitable attack.

It was at the moments just before daybreak that the slaughter began. It was if the moon itself, its soil and dust, called to war. Memories held by generations past was returned to the living. The whispers grew into shouts as the sky burned of warp fire.

The Tau no longer faced a spearhead force trying establish a foothold on the moon but all out war. The ancient Death Cult of Farak had risen once more. Tau colonists and human collaborators were slaughtered by the Chaos Cultists that rallied to the battle in their thousands. Psalms of death  echoed and the chants of blood grew higher.


And then, the sun rose to the Blood Dawn. The second war of Mu’gulath Bay had begun.

That’s the background story for today’s battle. I’ll bring my Chaos Space Marines to face off against a Tau gunline. I’ll post my list later on today.


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