WIP: The Dead Children Chaos Cultist part 3

At time painting can be fun, relaxing, even meditative. Other times it can be tedious and no fun at all. Painting twenty Chaos Cultists definitely falls into the later category. It’s a chore, a job that I need to finish. All I’m thinking about is how to reward myself once I’m done. This is just dull.

I took some photographs and tried out a black back drop. Not sure if that’s better than a white one. Reference model from the last batch of twenty Cultists in the middle. Yeah, I’ve been down this road before.

I need to tidy up the models and go over with the base colours again before starting to wash and detail. Still hoping to finish them this week.

20150624_23020420150624_230126 20150624_230053 20150624_225948 20150624_225841 20150624_225734


Sorry about the somewhat blurry picture quality. I’ll put some effort into taking them once the crew is done.


2 thoughts on “WIP: The Dead Children Chaos Cultist part 3

  1. This is exactly my issue with the cultists. I like the figures, but the variation is limited as well as the kitbashing potential as they are pretty monopose. On paper I’d love a horde of them for a 40k chaos or 30k cult list, but they are such a grind to paint that I will probably just stick with 20 unless GW produce a multi-part kit sometime soon!

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    1. A multi-part kit would be so appreciated and welcome. I’d love to run a list with 60-80 cultists but I can’t really see myself convert and paint a third batch of twenty snapfit cultists.

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