When do summoned Khorne Daemonkin units arrive?

I’ve been reading the Khorne Daemonkin codex lately and I got to thinking about how you summon units using Blood Tithe points. I know, there has already been a lot of debate about this and a lot have been said (I’m not sure if a consensus has been reached yet on the matter). But I thought I share my view on the matter.

First of all, the mechanic of Khorne Daemonkin summoning: Blood Tithe points are spent at the start of your turn. When you summon a unit it immediately arrives via Deep Strike. Unlike psychic Conjuration there is nothing in the rules that indicates that the summoned unit “is treated as having arrived from Reserves for all rules purposes”. Deep strike is used as method to place the unit on the board.

Normally a unit arrives from Deep Strike during the Movement phase (“In the movement phase during which they arrive […]”) and not at the start of the player turn. Since the unit already is on the table when the movement phase starts the unit should be able to move and/or switch from swooping to glide mode. The rules regarding the shooting and assault phases function normally as they reference to “that turn’s Shooting phase” and “that turn’s Assault phase”.

Turn summary
1. The start of your turn 2. Movement phase 3. Psychic phase 4. Shooting phase

5. Assault phase

6. The end of your turn

What’s your take on summoned Khorne Daemonkin units? Am I doing a fair interpretation of the rules or am I reaching a unfair advantage?


6 thoughts on “When do summoned Khorne Daemonkin units arrive?

  1. I agree that it can choose whether it’s swooping or gliding. However, the Deep Strike rule specifically says “In the Movement phase during which they arrive, Deep Striking units may not move any further, other than to disembark from a Deep Striking Transport vehicle if they are in one.”

    So, they arrive at the start of the turn and then come movement phase they have that penalty in place. Same thing for assault. Deep Strike is a means of placement but it’s also a rule.


    1. Your interpretation is probably correct. The thing that I get hung up on is the fact that the rules regarding the Movement phase is worded in a completely different way than the parts regarding the Shooting and Assault phases. It is written in a manner that create a condition (“In the movement phase during which they arrive […]”) that must be met in order for the rest of the rules to come in to play. Since they do not arrive during the movement phase, the first condition of the rule isn’t met and therefore I don’t really see why the rest should apply.

      Had it been worded like the Shooting and Assault phases (ie “In that turn’s Movement phase […]”), the rest of the rule would apply. But the unit arrives via Deep Strike before movement phase, the conditions aren’t met and this part of the rule cannot be applied. The same goes for unit that arrive using Deep Strike in other phases – like Gate of Infinity. That part of the Deep Strike rule isn’t used since the conditions aren’t met.


      1. Yeah, classic GW when it comes to word choice or sentence structure. They really need someone well versed in the English language, or whatever language it’s going to publish to, to read over it for stuff like this.


  2. I think its another case of WAR v WAI. I find it had to believe they intended for a summonded Bloodthirster not to be able to charge because his arrival adds a whole extra turn before he can get into close combat.

    At the start of the turn means you get too choose as movement begins to have him gliding or swooping. Because hes arriving on the table that turn I dont think he can charge, and like all units arriving has to wait that turn out, but I really dont think its meant to be 2 turns before he can be useful.

    That said, since the deamonkin book, GW have been getting better and better at being clearer in their rules I think. Of course they explain one thing, and then completely derp the poor Dark Angels.


    1. Charging the same turn is out of the question due to how the Deep Strike rules are written. Consensus seems to be that you can change from swooping to gliding in the movement phase.

      What’s up with the Dark Angels? I completly missed it (not a fan of that Chapter).


      1. Yeah agreed. as for DA, they have a Deathwing / Ravenwing force organisation (like CAD and codexes prior to necrons got) which is great. Cant run pure Deathwing because you no longer can arrive turn one. That ones more of an annoyance. Ravenwing on the otherhand, have 3 HQ Slots, you can take any HQs into that detachment that have the ravenwing special rule. Only Sammael has it lol. We’re house ruling it that if a HQ takes a bike they get the rule and can be part of the detachment.

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