Hobby update

Oh my, hobby time’s been scares lately. Kids, family, work and everything else we know as real life have left little time to do hobby stuff. But at least I’ve started to paint my cultists. I’m doing the old assembly line routine, one base colour at the time.


I only got the metal and skin parts left. Then I’ll start tiding up the paint job and do the wash and details. Hopefully I’ll have them done next week. But there is quite a lot of work left to do. Check out the cultists in the pictures below. I want the new ones to look more or less the same.

Last weekend I got to play a little Zone Mortalis game with my kids. About 500 points a side. They’re still a bit young and the game is too complex but I like to game with them at times. I want to share the passion for the hobby with them.

20150613_120851 20150613_120837 20150613_120823 20150613_120555 20150613_115442 20150613_115059

We played a few rounds, threw some dice and had fun. I’m certainly going the finish my Zone Mortalis board this summer. It’s so much fun to play.


2 thoughts on “Hobby update

  1. Sweet! More updates!
    Will you someday give us Zone Mortalis battle reports? They’re pretty rare for normal 40k – and ZM games are very good. It’d be a way to get attention for you blog, show off sweet modelling, and give us stuff to read that combines Chaos and ZM (my two favorite things about 40k).


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