WIP: The Dead Children Chaos Cultists part 1

I got some work done on my new project last night and snapped some photos before I headed off to work. With a little help from you guys, I decided to work on my Chaos Cultist. What I got lined up is twenty cultists that I need to convert and paint. I already got twenty cultists so I’ll need to convert each and every one of the new ones. Nothing fancy, just some weapon swaps and minor re-posing. I just don’t want them to look the same.

My cultists, old and new, belong to the Dead Children Chaos Cult. I’ll paint the new ones in the same colour scheme as my old ones. And as with my old ones I won’t model any marks on them. I want to be able to play them with any (or no) mark of chaos.

Here is the first batch of models. Most of them still need gap filling and some need minor Green Stuff work.


Cultist Champion, I added a autopistol and a chainsword. I Think I might cut the chainsword down in size as it looks a bit too big at the moment.


The sword is from a Space Marine Scout, and I repositioned the gun arm a bit.


Another Scout sword and a flamer. I need to add a Cable from the tank to the flamer.


I used the Champion’s axe for this one.


Claw and gun added. Repositioning of the gun arm. I did a banner from plasticard as well.

Honk if you support the Dark Gods.


Flamer instead of pistol and close combat weapon. Cable needed here as well.


Come at me bro!

Scout sword yet again and big knife.


2 thoughts on “WIP: The Dead Children Chaos Cultists part 1

  1. Those are awesome conversions. I wish I had thought of that when I did mine, even just the weapon replacements with knives. Great looking unit.


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