WIP: Altwon Pattern Maulerfiend part 4

First of all, sculpting with proper tools is not at all the same as sculpting with whatever lies close. If you are doing Green stuff work get some sculpting tools. I do like the Games Workshop ones that I just picked up.

I continued to work on Maulerfiend, attaching all the limbs to the body and going over some of the older work as well.


The Maulerfiend is slowly getting there.


The neck isn’t done at all. Expect cables, muscles and bulbs.


I move the leg back a bit to get some movement into the pose. I thought about cutting up and repositioning the leg but I decided against it. The risk of totally messing it up and suddenly lacking a leg was to great.


I’ll have to find the cables that come out of skulls and glue them to the model.


I think I need to work the right hand “shoulder” part. It looks a bit off a the moment. Or maybe it’s just the photo. I’ll look at it again tomorrow a hopefully see what need to be done.

Any suggestions (or comments in general) are most welcome.


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