Too bad they serve

Games Workshop released (as in up for pre-order) their new Imperial Knight today and they look smashing. Everytime I look at an Imperial Knight I start thinking about running a household of my own. With three new classes it doesn’t get any easier to resist. Now they got diversity to go with all that awesomeness of the original Errant and Paladin.


Crusader. Got dakka, will use it.


Warden. Throw tanks and monster, sure why not.


Gallant. Mr Hugs and kisses.

The new top mounted guns will help the Knights crack transports and down flyers. Two things they were kind of bad at before. The new guns pretty much make Imperial  Knights true Jacks of all trade.

Shame they’re all loyalist and still bound by their oaths of fealty. That’s just too bad. We can’t have that. Now if GW would release rules for traitor households and chaos knights …


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