WIP: Altwon Pattern Maulerfiend part 3

I got some more work done on my Maulerfiend bitsbash conversion. First of all, I pinned all the limbs. I did it with plastic rod, hopefully it’ll prove a secure enough solution once I mount the limbs onto the body.


The tail was too brittle and broke off so I had to pin it too.


I did two armour plates with chaos trims for the belly of the Maulerfiend. Not the fancies but it will look good enough with paint and corrosion. Or at least that is what I’m hoping for.



I used my Dremel to crave out space to fit the fronts of the Ectoplasma cannons. They act as the daemon engine’s exhaust vents. Now over to more Green stuff sculpting.





It’s getting there. Need to buy more Green stuff though, I’m all out at the moment.


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