Paint job: Maulerfiend

I’m by no means a great painter, lets face it, not even close. This Maulerfiend is probably my finest work. It is also one of my latest. Great. Progression ahead.

The Maulerfiend is painted in the colours of my Chaos Space Marines warband; the Lords of Ascension. More on them in the future. Enough talk – lets look at some pretty pictures already.


Fast, cheap and fearsome.


Yeah, I need to go over the blood around the jaws again.


Maybe add decals on the armour, maybe not.


Typhus Corrosion is great. Awesome for that rugged look.


Scary daemon engine effects. Check.

That’s it. Signing off.

3 thoughts on “Paint job: Maulerfiend

  1. You are doing fine. I would recommend removing the mold lines before you build the model and just use thinner coats for flesh work and you will be better than fine and better than most. Don’t get down on yourself. I used to paint my chaos marines with colored markers!


    1. Yeah, the mold lines. I missed a few, especially on the tentacles. I should have gone over them more carefully before glueing them to the model. And I’ll try thinning the paint even more in the future. Thanks for the feedback.


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